For the first time since 2014, Readers around the world will be able to put their hands on a JET magazine again. With the revitalization of the magazine, Baltimore born Slutty Vegan CEO, Pinky Cole, graces the cover. The cover which features the Slutty Vegan boss collaborated with JET to create a limited edition legacy […]

Finally! We get something from Chris Brown about his relationships, beefs, and all kinds of drama going on in his life!  You can read all about it in the October issue of Jet Magazine. Here’s a piece: On controlling his anger issues “You have to go through the struggle before you can get to the […]

Singer, actor and now author, Tyrese Gibson, caught up with the editors of JET magazine recently where he discussed topics like his upcoming roles in Fast Five (a part of the Fast and the Furious series) and another Transformers movie which are both scheduled to hit theaters this summer. Tyrese also spoke about his new […]

Rapper, Actor, Singer, Model Tyrese Gibson covers Jet Magazine’s April issue. The quadruple threat looks dapper in a finely tailored suit. He talks about the release of two Blockbuster movies “Transformers 3” and “Fast Five,” a book “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” and album set for a Summer release. “I live my […]

Keyshia Cole is on the promotional circuit for her new album, “Calling All Hearts.” She covers the latest issue of JET magazine, in which she talks about the album, as well as her plans for the holidays with her fiancé Daniel and 9-month-old son Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. The cover photo seems to have been […]

Blair Underwood is the latest “Jet Beauty of the Week”…

Nick Cannon wants everybody to know his wife Mariah didn’t make him who he is…or his bank account.

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