Heavenly Father, I come to you right now in the time of need…….PLEASE send Rihanna to me or me to her. I thank you in advance. Amen! Rihanna is sooooooo damn bad. It’s a regular for Rihanna to take her talents to Crop Over to participate in the celebration. This year was no different. RiRi […]

Leave it to Kendrick Lamar to turn a good Friday into a great Friday. The Compton rapper dropped his fourth studio album, Damn, last night and the Internet just can’t stop talking about the highly anticipated release. If you thought Dot’s 2015 Grammy nominated album To Pimp a Butterfly was politically direct, than Damn may have you […]

Kendrick Lamar dropped his highly anticipated album Damn on Friday and the Internet just can’t stop talking about it. The rapper’s fourth project touches on everything from Donald Trump to FOX News. Check out some of the best tweets about the K. Dot’s hot new album.

French Montana may have thought his beef with one social media user was over, but the young lady still has a few things to say about the coke boy. Twenty-two-year-old Maryam Barksdale from Stockton, California is speaking out about the incident that made her go viral and made French have to publicly address shady comments toward Black […]

French Montana couldn’t take the heat of the social media outrage following his degrading Instagram comment about a Black woman. After trending for several hours, the rapper finally responded to the criticism he received for calling an African-American woman a “nappy, dusty a** h**.” He took to Twitter to defend his lethal clap back, tweeting: […]

If you didn’t grow up during the age of the Internet, it’s pretty much a given that the wrong buttons will be pushed every now and then. Kelly Rowland is the latest celeb to make the forbidden button slip on social media, and they didn’t let her live it down. Ciara had the Internet in […]

The highly anticipated Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy match has been canceled, but that hasn’t stopped the stars from throwing verbal punches at each other. Over the weekend, Soulja blasted Chris yet again during one of his shows, claiming that he backed out of the boxing match because he’s a “b***h” who’s scared. After footage […]

Another day, another “leaked” sex tape. Lira Galore is the latest model to have their personal sex sessions uploaded to the Internet for the world to see. After graphic images and video of Lira and a guy being intimate hit social media on Friday, Rick Ross‘ former girlfried took to Twitter: https://twitter.com/_LiraGalore/status/837539875469447168 Multiple sites reported […]

Chris Brown‘s name was all over the Internet yesterday. Soulja Boy slammed the singer on social media, claiming he backed out of their highly anticipated boxing match that was scheduled for March, because he’s scared. While Karrueche nearly broke the Internet by filing a restraining order against the singer, claiming he threatened to kill her. […]

Bryan Asrary is in custody for allegedly trolling the 'net for Justin Bieber fans, targeting young girls and threatening them into sending him nude photos.

Soulja Boy's wild behavior over the past few weeks has everyone talking – even OG rappers like Fabolous.

The star recently posted a video of her 3-year-old son Sebastian getting a manicure and pedicure with colored nail polish.