Did you see what Kylie done posted on her snapchat?  We don’t know if it’s true or nah.  Her boyfriend is Tyga and has a son already with socialite Blac Chyna.  Kylie just freshly turned 18.  Is she eem ready to be somebody mother.  READ THIS...gonna leave this right here.  She cussed in the […]

  Welp….It’s official.   Allegedly.  Word on the skreets is that Rick Ross has taken back his love and his ring from his now EX-Wife to be, IG model Lira Mercer/Galore.  No one knows why or what caused the breakup, but they said Ross done already deleted her existence from his social media.  Wow this […]

  This may not mean much to you, but if you was on IG last night you will see how Jayceon aka The Game broke the INNANET.  Have you seen this selfie and his hashtags?  All I can say is, he is showing his gift that keeps on giving!!  CLICK HERE for the 18 and […]

To celebrate having 2 million followers, Keyshia Cole decided to show the world her cakes… Her nekkid cakes! According sources, Instagram ordered her to take it down but of course Mediatakeout…got the pic on and showing the whole caboodle. Click HERE to see the infamous pic….Must Be 18.. Adult content. What do you think? Tweet […]

We #outchea in B’more! The D.A. takes a selfie stick pic / video with Dirty Rice and salutes our D.A. family that’s #Outchea … Click to here to see The D.A. #Outchea with Dirty Rice..via his new selfie stick..LOL! Shout out to this week’s Instagrammy Winners! Hit the player below to hear who they are… […]

As Dre hits the streets, Sophie takes over and dishes on the latest IG beef ala The Game vs Young Thug. It seems the Game hasn’t been feeling how Young Thug did Tunechi and he was vocal about it on social media and so Young Thug clapped back with some actual depth and thougtfulness…. and […]

        The D.A. couldn’t ignore the sea of selfies on IG today and we salute those on top of their #SaturdaySelfie game.  Check out today’s winners below… S/o @djtwisted3000 ….good look during this cuffin season! and look @lisha_justme + friend … with their lips out!!! hurt em!!! Follow us on IG to […]

The D.A. Salutes our favorite thought provoking memes in the #Instagrammys this week.  Dre Johnson even awards himself, for his beloved “relationship” meme.  Click the player below to hear the awards and check them out below. & hit up @tweetACruz @DreJohnson1 to see all nominees @dreJohnson1 Salutes himself with this meme that actually inspired this […]

Twitter and Instagram has a field day going off about Tamika “Tiny” Harris getting cosmestic surgery to permanently change her eye color.  Now, her 18 year-old daughter Zonnique has started her own fire after posting IG photos appearing to have gotten the surgery done herself. Check it out below. Related Links: How Tiny Offended This […]

The D.A. kicked off the month of November with the Instagrammy Awards.  This past Saturday was the first day in November and we paid tribute to those good fall weather, first day of November Selfies.  Take a look at the winners below and hear what we said about them on air by clicking on the […]

  As B’more celebrates Purple Pride Week, Dre and Alichia, salutes their fav pics on IG…we love that purp!!! Scroll down to see the winners of this week’s #INSTAGRAMMY’S Look @getoverhere_ rockin that purp!!!!   and how bout @callmetrubmorvnfan      What do you think?   Connect with us on Twitter: @drejohnson1
 @tweetacruz instagram: @drejohnson1 […]

The D.A. takes a look at how people spend a rainy Saturday in B’more and salute some of fav #rainyDaySelfies.  We honor the ones rockin the black & purple and the ones bunned up..That’s what you should be doing right? Here are this week’s Instagrammy Winners… @oscool has the right idea…enjoying time with the fam! […]