Check out my advice to a woman dealing with a guy who needs to be high to have sex.  

My listeners had a lot to say last night about Amber Rose filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa: It may have come after she started something with Nick Cannon—just saying! Dude was an immature pothead… don’t even know why she had a baby by him #slorelife I knew the marriage may not work when in […]

What do you think?  Was he drunk?  High?  Or just being Diddy? Either way, I thought the interview was pretty funny. RELATED: Chelsea Blasts Diddy For Being Late FOr Taping [VIDEO] RELATED: The Leak: “Last Train To Paris” [ALBUM] RELATED: Diddy & Dirty Money Perform On SNL [VIDEO]

This is the latest teen drug craze and it is legal in many of the United States.  It’s legal in Maryland and Cali, which is where Miley Cyrus was taped smoking it out of bong while partying for her 18th bday.  The clip was featured on TMZ and the audio was played yesterday on The […]