Pilar Sanders wants out of her new reality show “Football Wives.”  According to tmz.com, sources close to the reality star says Pilar is sick of being “made to look like the villain” on the show and does not want to subject herself to another round of drama. But that’s not all Pilar is telling friends […]

Deion Sanders’ wife Pilar was the “wife” bringing all the drama during the taping of VH1’s “Football Wives”.  Sources say Pilar refused to let anyone on the production team pee in any of the 13 toilets in her Texas mansion. Sources connected with production revealed Pilar was incredibly protective of the crappers in her 109 […]

Mercedes Nelson of Vh1's "Football Wives" may have been asked to leave to show because of a fight with a fellow cast member, and this drama comes just after the very first episode.