Flint River

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has been criticized by state and local officials for his response to the Flint Water Crisis, which prompted his office to assemble an investigative panel. In a report released by the panel, it found that the state is wholly responsible for the contamination of Flint’s drinking water, Think Progress reports. The Flint […]

President Obama on Thursday announced his administration would give the city $80 million in federal funding to assist in the water crisis poisoning thousands -- a growing scandal that has sparked resignation requests from citizens for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

  If you don’t know, Flint Michigan is going through a terrible problem with their water. Long story, so read about yourself (Just click the link). But there’s something you can do. Go to your area store and grab a couple of cases of that H2O and toiletries for men, women, and children. Drop it […]

Gov. Snyder will appear before the Michigan Congress Tuesday evening to present his plan.