Entertainment Report

Olivia gets suspicious when Jake tells her he's seeing someone in addition to her, Papa Pope claims he's retired, and more.

Entertainment Report

Olivia's worst fear is realized when Fitz finds out that she is the reason Rowan Pope is out of jail.

Last night’s episode of Scandal had me yawning all throughout the entire episode. Especially when this scene happened:     But then I felt better when this happened:     It’s safe to say I’m a Gladiator again! Whew! That was close!   Have a great Easter weekend!     You may want to read […]

    OMG last night’s Scandal finale had me on my toes every second from the beginning to the end, and if you missed it I know you have been suffering especially being on social networks… So here’s a treat not just a recap but the whole damn episode [lol]…….  Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @PersiaNicole  WATCH HERE: […]

Just when I thought Thursday’s with Olivia Pope and Fitz was steamy…. HIP-HOP becomes SCANDALOUS! Hip Hip has been on FIRE within the last two weeks with SCANDAL! Mister Cee, a Hot 97 DJ, got caught up…AGAIN…with a prostitute!  The question is whether or not his “new friend” was a he or a she! Most assume […]