first date

First dates can be tricky. You typically want to be honest – not saying you have to fib – but there are some things you should hold back until date no. 2. You know, just to feel the person out. People often say they want honesty, but can they really handle it? Comedian Clint Coley and Dawn Raven tackle […]

Let’s be real. Sex on the first date goes down, and often. So is it really as bad as people make it out to be?…

Make sure your date wants to get to know you better.  Check out my recent article for — Leaving A Lasting Impression.

Dating has died for a lot of folks; so Wednesday in the Love Zone I asked for great new places to go on a first date.

Fresh from her split from her third husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, the beautiful but reclusive celebrity had tongues wagging when she showed up at the Oscar Awards on Jamie Foxx’s arm. Did Stacey Dash Leave Her Third Husband For Jamie Foxx? Check out the interview from Jamie’s Foxx Hole radio show where Stacey talks about sleeping […]