Congrats to Chassidi Hunter of Parkville, winner of the first ever 92Q Cricket Summer Jam Text Olympics!  She has the quickest thumbs in B’more as she was able to text “I Love MB” 368 times in 92 minutes!  Look for Chassidi and her crew this Thursday night at Pier 6 in the first and second […]

It’s super intense in the 92Q Studios right now as the Cricket Summer Jam Text Olympics are under way!  Now, all 5 of the contestants have already won an HTC One V phone including 3 months service from Cricket Wireless!  They are using that phone to text their own keyword to 79685.  Contestant #1 is texting “I love […]

**Special thanks to Diamond Digital Photography and Cricket Wireless for sponsoring these photos.** Click here to see all the hot shots from the Cricket “Green Carpet”

Click here to see 92Q Freeze Fest pics of Q Listeners taken by Diamond Digital Photography, sponsored by Cricket WIreless. Security was trippin’ last night and our cameras weren’t allowed inside. Here are the pics you sent us from the OMG Tour last night starring Usher, Trey Songz and Miguel. Thanks Bmore.