Each week a company will be featured looking for employees to join their team, and if you’re looking for a job well each week you’ll be closer to getting those coins! This week Columbia Mall wants to add your skills and expertise to their lineup. Are you good with securing the area? If so this may […]

New details are now being released about the shooting that occurred months ago at Columbia Mall that resulted in two employees and the gunman losing their lives.   Click here for LIVE COVERAGE. Police promise an extensive briefing on the tragedy, saying they will walk through the moments leading up to the shooting, after the […]

  Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you feel safe going to the malls after the Columbia incident? #92qjams #baltimore #bmore #thursdaymorning Keisha Henson I’ll say a quote that I have on my wall going up my stairs “pray about everything, worry about nothing” I have no fear. I have faith that what God has for me Dre, […]

Howard County police just confirmed the two victims in the Columbia Mall shooting that took place Saturday morning.  The victims were employees at the skate shop, Zumiez and are Brianna Benlolo 21, of College Park, Maryland (pictured above) and Tyler Johnson 25, of Ellicott City. Officials still have not released the name of the deceased […]

Another tragic public shooting has taken place in our country but this time it happened in the DMV.  As we mourn the the loss of the 3 lives in today’s shooting at Columbia Mall, we salute the prayers and love from the community on IG.  We also say thank you for  keeping us posted on […]