There are three parts to the Butt! Medius, Maximus, Minimus are the sections of your booty that you need to focus on when you in the gym. This is for men and women to learn what needs to be done when you head to the gym today. Make sure you make it count! Source: Butt Workouts […]

Your legs carry you everyday and need a good workout daily to push those legs to new heights so you can see your gains. I believe exercise is the fountain of youth and can add years to your life, so do yourself a favor and make sure you get in the gym. Leg workouts will […]

Ladies love a nice butt! It doesn’t matter if it’s on them or a guy, so this is for everyone. Working out is something we all need and should do weekly or daily to maintain good health. Running is good for your booty but various exercises are really the best thing for you. To change […]

Everybody doesn’t have to hit the gym in order to get in a good workout. Life is about choices so make the right choice for your health. I have some tips to help you get a tone body and butt from home, so understand that you can do it at your own pace. Source: Legs […]

This is hilarious to watch… TI literally went off on this guy for grabbing his butt. The King of the South was livid during a recent show after his buttocks was grabbed by a fan, and he looked back to realize the offender was another man. Tip felt so violated, that stopped the show for a minute […]

What happened to the days when people accepted how god created them. Now days people do anything to alter and change their image. If you decide to switch up your image and want a bigger butt at least save some money doing it. source 

For his role in the upcoming, Hands Of Stone, Usher is letting it ALL hang out. During his premiere of the boxing movie, Usher tells Extra about his sex scenes in the movie. “My a** is out, so be careful if you bring your kid… what would you expect? A sex scene for me to stay […]

After shedding the baby weight and then some, Kim hit up Snapchat to flaunt her curves in teeny bikinis.

While her BF, Tyga, was having the worst week ever, Kylie Jenner, hopped on snapchat to show off her non transgender goodies. The odd part is she’s not saying or really doing too much…Just the signature, sexy pose+ blank stare combo, a little lip syncing and the worst Stanky Leg the world has ever seen.  #RhythmlessNation […]

John Legend’s wife, Chrissy put his a** on blast…Literally! Legend’s other half, Chrissy Teigen, has been accused of doing the most on IG…again.  She pissed off the folks at Instagram last week with a nip pic and to clap back, she posted a pic of her husband’s nekkid arse.  John appears to be hangin around […]

Is rapstress Nicki Minaj working with a removable booty?  We all know that “ass” is the latest hot commodity in Hollywood.  Whether you Brazilian butt lift or silicone pad your way into those pants, there’s a plethora of ways to create the illusion of big booty. A recent Twitter post from a fan has folks […]