Brazil’s president has a little bit of explaining to do. There was enough snow on his aircraft to go sledding. The New York Times is reporting that President Jair Bolsonaro was caught moving weight, literally. During a recent trip to the 2019 “Group of 20” Summit in Osaka, Japan his flight was found with some […]


Our favorite couple is definitely enjoying Carnival.

A teacher from Brazil taught a lesson in loving yourself and dismissing negativity just by changing her hair. It’s not new information that kids can be really mean sometimes. However, reports that Ana Barbara Ferreira of Sao Paulo decided to lift the spirits of a little girl who was being bullied in a slightly […]

Azealia Banks has been kicked off yet another social media site.

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The New York real estate mogul has not minced words on his thoughts about Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims, leaving doubts about his campaign slogan to make "America Great Again." Does he mean returning the nation to plantation owners and slaves? Does he mean getting the, uh, African-American family out of the White House?

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Nayara Justino story has exposed the problems with racial roles in modern Brazil.

The virus travels through Aedes mosquitos, which are common in all nations in the Western Hemisphere with the exception of Canada and Chile.

Tonight’s sexy debate was about shaving. Is shaving a must or an option? Pubes and arms a must. Keep leg hairs due to them not growing a lot and i have been told by MANY men that it looks nice on my legs. Everyone should at least trim the pelvic area For my man everything […]

Tati Neves spilled all the beans about her alleged lustful night with Justin Bieber, after her video of “the Biebster” sleeping went viral. Check out the video HERE “Take it from me, he’s well-endowed — and very good in bed,” Neves tells  The Sun. She also claims that they had sex more than one time that night. […]

This video surfaced of a woman taping Justin Bieber while he was sleeping in Brazil.  Initial reports claimed that the woman was a Brazilian prostitute but TMZ is claiming that this is absolutely not true.  Apparently, Justin rented a house right outside of Rio to stay during his concert stop in Brazil.  After the concert […]

During Beyonce’s Mrs Carter show in Brazil she hit the stage to perform one of my favorite song’s irreplaceable and a fan thought they where a little bit to irreplaceable during that moment. While shining in her blue onesie Bey got  very close and intimate with her crowd like she normally is and thats when […]