If there's anything Ivanka Trump should've learned from her time on The Apprentice, it's how to deal with being fired.

This is definitely a must see clip. Omarosa is a guest on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, Bethenny, and then basicly goes in on her on her own stage. This is classic Omarosa!!!!

AMBER ROSE THE RAPPER The D.A. Report Amber Rose is dropping her first single next week and  The D.A. got to talk with her. Listen in to get the details…and to get a sample of her skills.  Yes we got her to spit !!! RELATED VIDEO: The D.A. Talked To Wiz Khalifa in March of […]

Kobe is deeply depressed. How is coping and what's the deal with French Montana and him signing with Diddy. Get the details in The D.A. Report.

The D.A. Report B’more Rapper, Smash, stopped by to talk to Rap Attack’s @AJShowtime and our intern Sophie pulled him into the studio.  Listen in to see what’s new with him and if he is interested in dating our European intern.