A man who was brutally beaten by Ferguson, Mo. police officers and then charged with bleeding on their uniforms has won the right to appeal his…

  Dre’s #breakfastbite.. A #BALTIMORE police officer & the city face a large lawsuit after a beating is caught on tape. What are your thoughts about it? #92qjams #bmore #maryland #Tuesday  Click here to read more!!! April Bradley A handful of bad egotistical cops are going to make it hard for the good ones to […]

Rapper Joe Budden is back in the news with his latest old flame.  His newest girlfriend didn’t last very long and recently became his ex.  However, it looks like their breakup is BEYOND messy.  The woman claims Joey beat her up “Rihanna style” and has the photos to prove it. Apparently, Joey got irate over […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com Kenny Shaw was brutally beat on Christmas night by six men. Kenny is homosexual and  believes that he was targeted because he is gay. The community gathered to support Kenny in a vigil to protest hate. Read More.  FDA Approves Home HIV Test The Myths About The Flu Shot! CNN Crowns Nas “The […]

Rodney King was found dead at age 47. King, whose videotaped 1991 beating by L.A. police ignited riots across the country was reportedly found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool by his fiance. His fiancé called 911 at 5:25 a.m. to report the tragedy.  Officers arrived at his Rialto, California home and found […]

Naomi, it’s safe to come out now…The police are no longer interested in speaking with the supermodel!! According to the NY Times, the case is closed and no charges will be filed. Naomi hit her driver as he drove through Midtown about 3 p.m. Tuesday and then ran away after the driver pulled over, according […]