It looks like Cardi B may be facing potential legal troubles after she threw her mic at a concert attendee in response to a fan throwing a drink the rapper’s face. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a woman filed a police report for battery, claiming she was hit by an object thrown […]

Well someone we heard won’t be seeing the FSU field anymore.  FSU coaches have agreed to let freshman De’Andre Johnson the quarterback GO for GOOD.  DJ punched a 21 year old Anglo Saxon female student in the face, and now it is OVER for his career.  Although they said it was a racial slur that […]

Looks like it’s time to retire your “Free Rick Ross” t-shirts. The 39-year-old rapper is no longer behind bars, but freedom was not cheap. Ross had to pony…

  Each day more details emerge in regards to what seemingly has turned into Diddy vs. UCL-Alosi.  Earlier The Fam told you about Sean “Diddy” Combs being arrested for battery and terrorist threats against a UCLA Strengthening coach by the name of Sal Alosi.  The reason for the alleged threats are coming to a head. […]

  The Fam just got word that after the incident where the Music Mogu and Father, Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested on the UCLA campus for terrorist threats and more against his son Justin Combs strengthening coach, Justin has been released from the football team.  More details are emerging, but click here to read what […]

We know about domestic violence but aware there are many forms that fall under the subject. Recently, the world was witness to one of our own in a video recorded incident between him and his fiance (Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens). Although the details aren’t clear about what happened, intimate partner violence exists and […]

NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was arrested in New Orleans earlier today. According to police, Keyshia Cole‘s husband was arrested for assault and battery in…

Chris Brown‘s legal troubles never seem to go away.  It looks like the LA County’s D.A.’s Office is still deciding whether they will move forward with battery charges against Brown for physically assaulting singer Frank Ocean.  Ocean has yet to actually file charges on Brown but the D.A.’s Office is looking to move forward with […]

Authorities down in Atlanta have confirmed that rapper, Gucci Mane (born Radric Davis) is going back to jail for 6 months. Moments ago, he pled guilty to battery and other charges. This stems back to January 28th when Gucci pushed a female out of his Hummer. State Court Judge Eleanor Ross sentenced the rapper to […]

Defensive End, Phillip Merling is being charged for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.