So we all know NBA Youngboy was facing 10 years for beating up his girlffriend. Well money doest alot for people because he was set free under on condition. No more social media. NBA Youngboy is banned from social media. What are your thoughts. source 

We are on Beyonce‘ baby watch as we wait for her to deliver Blue Ivy’s siblings. It has been said that Bey and her former-manager/dad, Matthew Knowles, have had a rocky past (rumored selling of Bey’s costumes for money, siblings, etc) and due to that, he wasn’t invited to the delivery room when she pops. […]

To celebrate having 2 million followers, Keyshia Cole decided to show the world her cakes… Her nekkid cakes! According sources, Instagram ordered her to take it down but of course Mediatakeout…got the pic on and showing the whole caboodle. Click HERE to see the infamous pic….Must Be 18.. Adult content. What do you think? Tweet […]

Rihanna is known for her sexual image and showing a little nip isnt a big deal to her but Instagram has a different take on nudity. After Rih Rih put her boobs on blast in her recent Lui cover Instagram decided to take action! TMZ reports, Rihanna posted topless snaps Tuesday from her photo shoot with […]

Kanye West, one of the most controversial Hip Hop artists, has BANNED his fans from pre-ordering his sixth studio album “Yeezus”! Either he  is EXTREMELY CONFIDENT that his album will SELL HUGE numbers or he wants to keep the anticipation brewing of what to expect on the album! Say what you want about Kanye but […]

Via Fox  Howard County’s Executive says that its time to do away with sugary drinks. Ken Ulman banned the sale of sugary drinks from county property. This ban is an effort to lower childhood obesity as most Howard County residents are obese. Read More.  WHAT IS THE FUTURE FOR ICE-T AND COCO? Stop The […]

After the recent Pitbull attack on 7 year old Amanda Mitchell in Dundalk, do you wonder if the breed is dangerous or is this just another isolated incident? Some say they are misunderstood and others say they are a danger to society.  What do you think? I am Pitbull owner and a mother…and this is […]

<strong>Chris Brown</strong> was supposed to get ready to go across seas on tour, but about that...I have some good news, and some bad news.

We’re hearing that BET banned Ciara’s “Ride” video. The video, which features Ludacris, has a ton of sexual movements and lyrics such as “I can do it big, I can do it long. I can do it whenever, however you want…..According to her fan site: