Nappy Boy!!!!!!!!! T-Pain has had a VERY lucrative career since he first came in the game. His signature sound was using auto-tune. Around 2009, Jay Z dropped “Death of Autotune” after T-Pain controlled the sound out of what was coming out, since he dropped “I’m Sprung”. Everyone knew that when Jay dropped the record, it […]

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GlobalGrind had a quick interview with the "Nappy Boy" himself, who said he didn't want to do a pre-recorded version of the Anthem.

THIS BOY CAN SANNNNNG!!! He recently sat down for an intimate “tiny desk” show for NPR and sang his heart out!! T-Pain had this to say about singing with auto tune: “…people felt like I ¬†was using it to sound good. But I was using it to sound different.” **CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE….MAY NOT BE SUITABLE […]

Auto-tune afficianado T-Pain has been in a war of words with another soldier of auto-tune. He and Future haven’t had the most pleasant things to…

The man single-handedly responsible for the music industry’s obsessive trend of using machine-assisted vocals on their tracks has done the unthinkable and swore off the very thing that made him famous. T-Pain has vowed to never use Auto-Tune again, according to a statement published on “I vow right here, right now, to never use […]

T-Pain dropped Hot 107.9 studios recently to do the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” and he explained why there have been more stories about his iced out liquor bottles than any new music from him.

After Antoine Dodson, a young man from Huntsville, AL, saved his sister from an attack, “Autotune The News” set the report to music.

With so much attention being given to rappers who sing and the raging debate on whether singing is “hip-hop” we decided to ask: who are hip-hop’s best singers?

Now that almost every MC is altering their voice using the latest studio equipment, The Urban Daily is paying tribute to 10 MCs whose real voices are as critical to their success as their lyrics.