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Another year of the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, NY, is done, and there were plenty of highlights from this time around. While everyone will talk about…

Carolina rapper, Caktuz..?13, returns with a banger! This new video is like a romp through one of Cak..?13’z fantasies. Gangstamuzik Act I is the 1st half of a 2 part video. This infectious song is from Caktuz..?13’z controversial 2010 release GOD*Z PORNO [iTunes] Although the second installment (Act II) of Caktuz..?13’z magnum opus wont be […]

The documentation of rock and roll’s Black roots should come as no surprise to anyone with an Internet connection and a thirst for musical knowledge, but many are unaware of the band Death and the role that they played in shaping the sound of 1970s proto-punk music.