A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is a free man for now. The judge will still be issuing a verdict, but the Harlem rapper is free to leave Sweden. TMZ reports there were cheers in the courtroom when the judge made the announcement. Today (August 2), was the final day of the trial, with Rocky’s lawyer saying he client […]

A$AP Rocky has concluded the second day of his ongoing trial in Sweden with testimony from himself and the alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari. New video evidence has also been produced, which shows one of Rocky’s bodyguards brutally choke-slamming Jafari. The Blast reports: The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has a reporter, Adam Westin, inside the courtroom for […]

On Tuesday (July 30), A$AP Rocky pleaded not guilty to criminal assault in Sweden. The Harlem rapper is claiming self-defense. According to CBS News, the trial began Tuesday in Stockholm District Court and is scheduled to run until Friday, although it is not clear if it will take that long. Born Rakim Mayers, the rapper’s […]

Lil Yachty has his eye firmly on the jig when it comes to “help” from Donald Trump. The Atlanta rapper says the POTUS doesn’t really care about A$AP Rocky and instead of tweeting needs to actually do something. The racist POTUS has taken to Twitter to claims that he’s been getting rebuffed by Sweden’s Prime […]

Rapper A$AP Rocky is in a Sweden jail facing Assault charges and his fans want to see him back home in America. One fan went as far to pay a not so pleasant visit to the Swedish Embassy and threatened to “Blow This Motherf—– Up” According to NBC 4, Rebecca Kanter was arrested by Secret […]

When Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the Presidential race back in 2015 he had all kinds of momentum and support going up against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Primaries, but ultimately Hillary ended up winning the nomination and we all know how that ended up working out in the 2016 Presidential election. 4 years […]

Rapper A$AP Rocky has been sitting in a Sweden jail following a physical altercation awaiting to be released but instead he was charged.  A$AP has been charged with assault and it could land him in a Swedish jail for 2 years! So when will the trial start? The trial could start as early as next […]

A$AP Rocky and his continued situation in Sweden has been noted by fellow rapper G-Eazy to have at the very least a tinge to do about the color of his skin. However, the A$AP Mob star has come out to say he doesn’t believe race is playing a factor regarding him still being jailed without […]

While celebs and his peers are calling for A$AP Rocky’s release from a Swedish prison, he’s also allegedly getting help from the leader of the free world. Donald Trump claims he’s reaching out to Sweden’s Prime Minister about freeing the Harlem rapper out at the behest of Melania Trump. https://twitter.com/VinceValholla/status/1152284520374132736 Today (July 19), while speaking […]

Yup, you read that title right. According to reports the White House and Kim K are in cahoots to free our boy A$AP Rocky, as some headlines in 2019 are sometimes just too good to be true. You may have seen Snoop Dogg’s plea on social media for the power couple to try and make […]

A$AP Rocky has been arrested and detained in a Sweden Jail, after being arrested  for his fight in Stockholm in June. According to TMZ, A$AP and his crew jumped a guy on the streets of Sweden, leaving the man to be bloody. A video surfaced on the internet, described as being a “Vicious Attack”. However, […]