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  • Weekly Wisdom with Pastor Keith Battle

    Source: Zion Church

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    Zion Church Online Pastor Keith Battle is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Zion Church. Twenty years ago, he had a dream to create a church experience where anybody, regardless of their background, could experience God without some of the old school church “traditions” that may make people feel like outsiders. With God’s grace, he and his wife, Vicki Battle, have not only created a place where you can expect the unexpected but Zion has grown to span five campuses with tens of thousands of attenders all over the world! (more…)

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    Source: @Eyegoraw @imagesfromspace / @Eyegoraw @imagesfromspace

    HustlemanFatz, also known as The Peoples Voice, is an entertainer whose talents stem from the Washington D.C urban communities. He learned at an early age how music combined with his personality could change a persons’ day. In college, Fatz learned to funnel his talents and became a radio DJ. Fatz started his first radio show at Cheyney University in 2013 along with a few other friends. The show aired only on Cheyney’s campus, but quickly spread throughout the university and became an instant hit. Fatz continued to have an aura behind him and continued to host events on campus such as concerts, step shows and more.

    In late 2014, Fatz decided to transfer to Frostburg State University and was forced to start his hosting career from the beginning. Fatz, who also is a Member of Omega Psi Phi, began to understand what hosting could do for his life from the reaction of supporters on and off campus. The creation of his YouTube channel began the molding of his raw talent.

    After graduation Fatz turned his name HustlemanFatz into a brand powered by persistence, drive and passion. At this point in his career, he began hosting events at different colleges and venues up and down the East Coast. He has been featured on DTLR radio multiple times as a guest host personality. He has also partnered with Shoe City and conducted interviews. Fatz has interviewed local artists and mainstream artists (Fat Trel, Blac Youngsta, Roddy Rackzz & more). When Fatz is not behind the mic he uses his platform and talents as the Peoples Voice to give back and inspire the community with Back to School Drives and/or Christmas Toy Giveaways.

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