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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York picked up with the same tired storyline about Chrissy trying to bully Yandy, and Yandy making shady comments about Chrissy in her confessionals but not keeping the same energy in Chrissy’s face. We get it. We been got it! Yandy wants just enough smoke with Chrissy for these scenes—because she’s a business woman, and smart enough to know how to keep herself relevant—but she don’t really want smoke with Chrissy. Chrissy thinks she’s the queen of Love and Hip-Hop New York (she’s not, but whatevs) and she’s back to being a bully. They’re both annoying.

But what I really came here to discuss is new entry, Jenn. So, what’s Love and Hip-Hop in any city without the crazy baby mama trope? It’s usually a woman whose man, a rapper [or insert other hip-hop business related profession here] is probably cheating on her or probably has cheated on her so rampantly in the past that she really shouldn’t even be surprised anymore, but she still manages to run every single woman who comes into her man’s life out of his life with her antics. Cliche, but here we are.  Jenn has been with her man, Phresher, since they were in middle school. It’s now, twenty years, two kids later. Phresher is a rapper/manager/record label owner or something or another. Anyway, he’s creatively interested in this new artist named Jennaske. This is Jennaske:–bMJg3CV/

Jenaske is obviously a cute young thang. She’s a dancer (not stripper)-turned-rapper who used to dance background for Desiigner and now she’s on Love and Hip-Hop. She seems like a lot of fun and like she actually does care about her career (and not being a groupie). She already has fans, as seen by her massive social media following, and she actually has music out. She’s also talented, which is why multiple people want to work with her. Rich Dollaz is one (side eye), but again, so does Phresher, but Jenn isn’t feeling that at all.

Let’s fast forward a bit. We end up at this showcase where Jenn makes it clear that she’s not feeling Jennaske. Jenn showed up to support her man (even though he asked her not to come because he knew what was going to happen), but seeing Jennaske triggered her rage (because it happened to be during a moment where Phresher and Jennaske were holding each other’s hands; Phresher leaned in to that one) and she let it be known that she is Jenn the Groupie Slayer. Her social media handle is literally Jen the Groupie Slayer…and she’s from East New York, Brooklyn, home of the brave (if you know, you know). Anyway, Jenn starts popping off on Jennaske, which is par for the course. But in what may be one of the most amusing scenes on this franchise, Jennaske starts doing fake karate moves to troll Jenn’s ridiculousness.

Legit straight like:

Jennaske is clearly not taking this situation seriously, but Jenn is yelling at the top of her lungs and screaming like a lunatic wrestler, talking about how she’s a proud project baby and that she has lived all the stuff Jennaske raps about.–bMJg3CV/

So now we’re all like, girl, you better hope your man doesn’t have you out here looking dumb. The probability of that is high given what show this is. It might not be Jennaske that The Groupie Slayer has to worry about, but I’d be extremely surprised if Phresher didn’t introduce us to a love triangle or…rhombus. Speaking of Phresher, he tried it tonight. He asked Jennaske to get her body done. She declined, which makes me think she has some sense. Shout out to the non-ant booties out there. I digress.

Anyway, Jenn’s antics were so ridiculous that I had to see for myself on social media and y’all, she’s dead serious.


She’ll probably have triple the followers soon with these antics. But what say you? Tragic or amusing? I find myself ambivalent. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t chuckle a bit, but I was also shaking my dang head.

People in the Twitter streets seem more firm in their dislike though.



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