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Anytime The Lord’s name and image are used as promotional tools by a musician, particularly those in hip-hop, the move is usually viewed as the ultimate disrespect to both religion and Christianity. Many will remember the flack Kanye West received after going from rapping about being a “sick f*ck” who likes a “quick f*ck” on his explicit 2018 Lil Pump collab “I Love It,” to preaching about following God a year later in his attempt at a gospel album with 2019’s Jesus Is King.

The same criticism is now being given to fellow controversial rapper DaBaby after he depicted himself as Jesus Christ on a cross in his new music video for “Tough Skin.”


The overall message behind “Tough Skin,” hailing off the North Carolina-bred emcee’s upcoming album Baby on Baby 2, is meant to show DaBaby’s hard upbringing and everything he had to overcome to be one of the current hitmakers in hip-hop today. The Jesus depiction is both a comparison to being a subject of public scrutiny as well as a shoutout to his former rap moniker, Baby Jesus. Still, many reactions to the video following its debut earlier this week have been either shock, disappointment or downright anger.

Surprisingly enough, the video is currently in the top 20 on YouTube’s Trending Music section.



Overall, artistic expression can come in many shapes and forms. Artists have notoriously done exactly what DaBaby is doing for years — remember Madonna burning crosses in her now-banned 1989 Pepsi commercial? Nas’ “Hate Me Now” video from 1999? Kendrick Lamar’s diamond-encrusted crown of thorns worn on his current Big Steppers Tour? However, it also can be argued that majority of those blasphemous moves in music have been blasted by the public.

Does DaBaby have the artistic right to depict himself as Jesus on a wooden cross in his new video, or should he slow down on the sacrilege? See what some are saying on Twitter below, and let us know your thoughts on this:



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1. Good Morning ! Don’t get your career cancelled silently like DaBaby cause you wanna play with God.

via @O3Knocky

2. There is nothing dababy could rap about to warrant these kind of visuals

via @getsugatenshho

3. And somehow this the most DaBaby moment I’ve ever seen

via @HipHopMoments_

4. The fall off of DaBaby needs to be documented 💀

via @Nezzzooo

5. Not defending Dababy but plenty of rappers did something similar and they never got hated but instead praised for it. Kanye, Travis Scott, Kendrick, Nas, and many others. Just when he does it, people get mad.

via @cjsweet567

6. First Lil Dicky on the cross, then Kendrick with a crown of thorns, now Dababy on the cross… this ongoing mockery of Christ disgusts my soul. Father forgive them, they know not what they do

via @MikeSleeves777

7. DaBaby being crucified in a diaper is nuts

via @wowthatshiphop

8. See what happens when y’all say “DaBaby been too quiet lately”

via @crackcobain__

9. Dababy has lost it 💀💀


10. Why dababy posted up like Jesus 💀

via @m0e_almighty