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YFOY All Day Glow Vitamin C+

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and a quick rundown for your holiday look is in order. A figure-hugging dress? Check! Comfortable heels? Check! Chic hairstyle? Check! Makeup? Double-check! However, there’s one more important thing you’re leaving off the list: skincare.

Nothing sets the tone for a gorgeous Valentine’s Day beauty look like a solid skincare routine. Proper cleansing removes impurities from the skin, and moisturizers help restore hydration to prep your skin for makeup application. As a result, you’re left with radiant and healthy-looking skin that’s ready for a photo-op. Since the lover’s holiday is less than a week away, it’s time to act fast. Thankfully, Black woman-owned skincare brands are coming in major clutch.


The tide has changed in the skincare space. We now have countless products at our disposal that aid in treating discoloration, dull skin, dryness, and more. Thanks to Black celebrities and everyday creatives, our unique wants and needs have officially been fulfilled. What better way to express self-love than adding a skincare pampering session into the mix?

Sustaining our coins in the community is always of the utmost importance. This Valentine’s Day, pledge your support and keep your skin in tip-top shape by supporting these 8 Black woman-owned skincare brands.

Happy Shopping!

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Healthy, glowing skin is only a short routine away, thanks to YFOY. Known as the brainchild of model and business owner Nicole Murphy, this brand offers a mix of skin essentials made with active ingredients to give your skin the TLC it needs. From delivering long-lasting moisture, tackling dark spots caused by aging, cleansing skin, and leaving you with a gorgeous glow, this brand pulls out all the stops.

2. Cota Skin

Cota Skin

Looking for a skincare brand that caters to all skin types? Enter Cota Skin. After launching in 2019, founder and CEO Britni Ricard has been able to take things to the next level through CBD. Not only is CBD known for its effective anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, it also comes in major clutch to help regulate oil production and hydrate skin. With nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, it serves as a true testament to the wonders this brand provides.

3. Ornami Skincare

Ornami Skincare Source:ORNAMI SKINCARE

Ornami Skincare founder Yewande Masi may have stumbled upon the skincare world by accident, but her products have become a Godsend for clients with various skin types. Featuring a wide range of body care essentials, Ornami products cleanse, hydrate, and promote skin healing. Yewande created a brand that pampers, nurtures, and celebrates Black women while allowing us to experience luxury.

4. Dosso Beauty

Dosso Beauty Source:Dosso Beauty

Skincare is not only reserved for women! Men, it’s time to get your beard game in tip-top shape. Dosso Beauty’s Ultimate Beard Kit goes the extra mile to keep your beard connected while keeping your skin underneath adequately nourished. Aside from grooming essentials, Dosso Beauty has a lineup filled with masks, butters, and bundle products that suits all skin types. Founder and CEO Kadidja Dosso has always been passionate about creating products for people and color, and her line does just that.

5. KNC Beauty

KNC Beauty Source:KNC Beauty

Kristen Noel Crawley launched KNC Beauty in 2016 with the hope of creating a remedy for her dry, crusty lips. And in just six years, her vision has transformed into one of the most respected beauty brands that offer a wide range of products. Since launching, KNC Beauty has created a mentorship program for Black female beauty founders in 202o. In 2021, KNC Beauty also collaborated with the streetwear brand BAPE.

6. LYS Beauty

LYS Beauty Source:LYS Beauty

LYS Beauty founder Tisha Thompson created a beauty brand that has redefined the meaning of clean beauty. Known as one of the few Black woman-owned clean beauty brands under the Sephora umbrella, this brand does a fantastic job crafting skincare/makeup hybrids formulated to cover all the bases. From the brand’s Fix Serum Foundation to Brightening Concealer, LYS Beauty is in a league of its own.

7. Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen Source:Target

Live up to the saying, “Black don’t crack.” with Black Girl Sunscreen. Founded by Shontay Lundy in 2016, the brand launched its avocado and jojoba-based sunscreen for Black people — sans the pesky white cast. This unique formula has become a cult favorite for the community and continues to be a bestseller.

8. Base Butter

Base Butter Source:Base Butter

In 2015, Base Butter’s She’Neil Spence started with the goal of learning how to manage oily skin and breakouts properly. That mission brought formulations to tackle acne-prone skin and combinations as time passed. Today the brand has a solution for all and a unique roster of products that exemplify top quality and attention to detail.