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It’s time to release everyone from the Valentine’s Day shackles of teddy bears and roses. Before you look at this article sideways, hear me out. There’s nothing wrong with gifting your sweetie those traditional items, but adding a creative spin allows you to stand out with a thoughtful gift. Thankfully, Black brands know a thing or two about creating unique products that catches the eye and the heart.

National Love Day falls right under the Black History Month umbrella, so it’s only right to spend your coins in the community while putting a smile on your loved one’s face. Think of it as pledging your love to your sweetheart and Black business, especially since Wallet Hub reports that consumers spend over $23.9 billion each year on gifts. In other words, it’ll be a crime to not #BuyBlack for Love Day.


With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, it’s time to act fast. Whether you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your Valentine or are simply committed stepping outside of the box, you’ve come to the right place. From an affirmation deck of Love Notes to African artisanal chocolates, this list will add extra sweetness to your Love Day festivities. Without further ado, here are 8 Black-owned business with Valentine’s Day picks you need to shop!

Happy Love Day folks!

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1. My Secret Scent

My Secret Scent Source:My Secret Scent

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no better way to set the vibe than with a set of deliciously-scented candles. Thanks to the good folks over at My Secret Scent, shoppers can pick from a variety of cruelty-free candles made from soy wax, candle essentials, luxury soaps and so much more. Light a candle, enjoy some libations, and let the night commence!

2. Introvert N The City

Introvert N The City Source:Introvert N the City

When words escape you, you can count on Introvert N The City’s Love Notes Deck to do all of the talking! Boasting a 50-card deck of original love quotes, you’ll be able to speak to your partner from the heart and showcase your love and adoration. Aside from this beautiful deck, shoppers can indulge in energy-lifting sage, crystals, and bundle deals that will relax your mind, body, and soul.

3. Midunu Chocolates

Midunu Chocolates Source:Midunu Chocolates

Call all sweet tooth lovers! While chocolates may seem like a traditional gift without much thought, Midunu Chocolates ups the ante. Unlike other offerings on the market, Midunu Chocolates are ethically-sourced chocolate truffles made with Ghanian cocoa and various flavors and spices from Africa. You’re welcome!

4. For Them

For Them Source:For Them

National Love Day is all about showing your partner love in all forms, right? Let the For Them Fluid Serum become part of your Valentine’s Day grown folks agenda. This CBD-infused pick helps to increase blood flow to certain areas of your body that’ll help you achieve the powerful feeling of euphoria. Trust me, this will become a Valentine’s Day staple and more.

5. Rayea’s Touch

Rayea's Touch Source:Rayea's Touch

Self-care should always be part of the equation and Valentine’s Day is no different. As you get ready to prep for your fabulous night out with your boo, consider upgrading your shower experience with Rayea’s Touch Rose Water Bath Salt. Formulated to slough away rough skin and impart moisture, this number ensure that every inch of your body soft, smooth, and kissable.

6. Metal x Wire

Metal x Wire Source:Metal x Wire

What’s Valentines Day without some gorgeous jewelry? Metal x Wire’s Pearl Necklace is one of many exquisite pieces that adds elegant charm to any ensemble. Featuring a mix of eclectic shapes and designs, there’s a piece that’ll suit just about every Valentine. 

7. TZSNYC Fragrance

TZSNYC Fragrance Source:TZSNYC Fragrance

You can’t go wrong with adding TZSNYC Fragrance candles to your arsenal. This brand puts sustainable living first while creating non-toxic candles that’ll elevate your aromatherapy sessions to provide the ultimate level of relaxation. Plus, this collection allows you to be free with expression by designing labels with original artwork, quotes, and more. What better way to make bae feel special than with custom candles?


8. NaturallyLondon

NaturallyLondon Source:NaturallyLondon

Ladies, keeping your foot care routine on point is a must. If your Valentine’s Day plans include a self-care night in, NaturallyLondon’s Refuge Rejuvenating Foot Soak should be on your radar. This baby draws out impurities, cleanses, and exfoliates to give you a professional touch in the comfort of your home. The brand also supplies other foot care, hand and nail essentials needed to maintain a flawless beauty look. Don’t sleep on this brand!