Remember the Time

      Can you say conspiracy….Rumors have it that world famous rapper Eazy E was given the HIV virus. Listen to the interview and you tell me what you think.   Catch me on the radio live and on all social media Twitter/facebook/instagram @lilblacktheceo      

The D.A., Dre Johnson & Alichia Cruz, team up with DJ Jay Claxton to salute  Martin Luther King Jr, with all your favorite #ClassicHipHop tracks.  From the looks our social networks, our listeners loved it!  Thanks for all the comments, texts, tweets, IG chatter..etc. We love you….Long time!   If you missed it or want to […]

RIP Michael Jackson! It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for 4 years! The world hasn’t been the same without his music! He has taught the world so much about love, respect and family! We miss you Michael! I can’t remember where I was when this video debuted but I do remember where I was […]

MJ Tribute Home Michael Goes On Tour Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie write “We Are The World,” with the proceeds from sales of the single slated for hunger relief in Africa. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper and other prominent artists lend their voices to the song. It sells a record seven million copies. Bad, […]

Michael Jackson's public image takes a turn.

<strong>Michael Jackson</strong> gets married and turns family man.

MJ Tribute Home The Jackson 5 Top The Charts! After Motown signed The Jackson 5 in 1968, “I Want You Back” became hit #1 on the singles chart. Their next singles smashed the top spot of the charts as well including “The Love You Say” and “I’ll Be There.” MJ Tribute Home

The Jackson 5 takes a shot at solo albums!

Michael battles the media.

<strong>Michael Jackson's</strong> last days.

<strong>Diana Ross</strong> formally introduced <strong>The Jackson 5</strong> to the public on August 11, 1969.

Michael Jackson enjoys much career success.