OMG yall this is either a real rumor or Serena is going all out to prove it and pull it off. So scoop is that Drake and Serena Williams are having a baby even tho there not offically together she is preggo and yes it is Drakes Alledgedly. Can you say DNA Test……..I am […]

  So it seems Mr Steal Your Girl “Trey Songz” may have had his girl stolen by rapper Dflores. I tell you instagram and social media will get you into so much irrelevant beef and nonsense, but anyway again here we go RnB verses Hip Hop over maybe ego or maybe a female. Either way […]

Seems the beef is getting deep and now the city has even turned on Meek…..wonder how deep this will go stay tuned you know I got you!               Catch me on the radio and on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @lilblacktheceo      

    Seems Ross is a boss who doesn’t play even but his wings allegedly Ricky Rozay came home to a uninvited visitor in his home and took action. As details come down you know I got you.   for full story click here     Catch me on the worldwide webb facebook/twitter/instagram @lilblacktheceo    

  Well seems Safaree aka SB was filming for one of his up coming tracks when goons pulled up and basically told him he had to move or leave. Was Meek behind it I doubt it but funny Safaree from NYC and having problems. YA as things heat up you know I got you.   […]

Are Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj expecting????? If so Meek really came up I am happy for them either way. As details come out you know I will keep you posted.     click here for full story     Catch me weekends on 92q live Follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook @lilblacktheceo      

The D.A., Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz, had to salute the hilarious and thought provoking memes from this week in the #NahMeme edition of the Instagrammy Awards.  From Empire to the just hilarious we couldn’t resist..Nah Meme. Check out this week’s winner below! Big Shout out to @WarrenBFit this meme has been reposted but many […]

Seems this infamous video just will not go away but I find it funny that as innocent as this video of Ray Rice and his wife Janay Rice kissing while both in handcuffs wasn’t brought up in the midst of all the shade and hate that was brought upon them. As Ray Rice and his […]

  Could famous rapper MaKonnen be considered racist for his recent twitter and N’ word rant………I say no its old the words he used in my opinion only have power if you give it to them. click here for full story   Catch me on the radio weekends on 92q Follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram @lilblacktheceo […]

Ice Cube recently gave the world a sneak peek into the mind-set of gangster rap thru his upcoming project “Straight Outta Compton”……….when this one hit movies O I am there.     video courtesy of wshh       Catch me on the radio weekends live on 92q Follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram @lilblacktheceo    

      Still think rapper Young Thugg is gay???????? Seems he was a movie premiere revcently in which someone called him on it and tried to shot him…………details inside.      click here for full story       Catch me weekends live on 92q Follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook @lilblacktheceo    

During a recent sit down with Angie On Power NICKI MINAJ broke down a couple times in discussion about her recent event of emotional events this is a must see interview.         video courtesy of wshh       Catch me on the radio live weekends on 92q Follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @lilblacktheceo […]