Roller skating rinks are making a massive comeback in NYC, and The DiscOasis is the best one open right now, but only for a limited time.

"We always talk about Black excellence, right. But I'm all about Black normalization, too... Because the truth of the matter is that Black people were always having these luxury experiences. It's just they weren't given the place to show and display them." Kent Johnson, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of "Black & Abroad"


It’s no secret that once rappers hit a different tax bracket they expose their financial gain as lifestyle marketing. YK Osiris most recently was at a well known jewlery store while Lil Baby was there. Lil Baby made it clear that, “YK Osiris owed him $5,000 but told him he’s willing to wait until his […]

This past weekend marked one full year since the COVID-19 pandemic firmly took hold in the United States. When it hit New York City hard, like millions, I felt the weight of it all on my shoulders—personally and professionally.

After quarantining in the house for 6 months, Josh Stokes decided to produce, Nu Love Fest 2.  NuLoveFest2 really brought the city together to celebrate the real Baltimore Music Culture, right on North Avenue. Dreamon Studios & Blaqstarrfilms documented the entire process: Developing the run of show, selecting the artists to perform, and showed some of the challenges of maneuvering through a pandemic. The NuLoveFest2 Documentary was produced and released it to the world November 20th to relive and experience this amazing night that featured over 50 talents and creators from Baltimore. 

Here is just another clear indication that Travis Scott has the Midas touch because everything this man attaches his name to turns to gold.