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Jamie Foxx’s first public statement after his hospitalization, Florida’s education developments, and Jason Aldean’s latest news take the spotlight. Engage in discussions on splitting bills with friends, social studies standards, and NYC’s agreement to compensate 2020 BLM protestors. Discover the No Labels Party’s impact on the 2024 Presidential election, Jess Hilarious VS TS Madison, and side effects of willful ignorance in Small Doses. Tune in for the Big Up/Let Down of the Day and amusing Politicians Say The Darndest Things segment.


  • 4:13 The Board of Education has voted to approve new social studies standards for teaching African American history in K-12 classes.
  • 9:48 Jamie Fox has made his first public statement since being hospitalized.
  • 15:14 How do you spilt the bill when you go out with friends?
  • 20:40 60 Second Headlines
  • 22:36 Birthdays! More Blackurate news is coming up!
  • 25:37 New York City agrees to pay $13 million or nearly $10K each to protestors who were beaten and or arrested in 2020 BLM demonstrations.
  • 30:36 Amanda digs deeper into Country music Artist Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small town.
  • 35:31 BIG UP/LET DOWN of the Day. Big up to the 1619 Freedom School. Let Down – Republican Law Makers in Tennessee
  • 38:40 We go the phone lines..
  • 41:06 Amanda is on strike, and she shares her experience on the picket line.
  • 45:15 Amanda breaks down the No Labels Party, and how it could affect the 2024 Presidential election.
  • 49:32 Jess Hilarious VS TS Madison
  • 56:24 Small Doses – Side Effects of Willful Ignorance
  • 1:02 We head back to the phonelines to take your calls.
  • 1:05 Word of the Day
  • 1:08 Politicians Say The Darndest Things – State Rep. Kim Daniels – says, “She thanks God for slavery.”





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