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Dodge To Discontinue Challenger And Charger Muscle Cars In Transition To Electric Vehicles

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Whew! Dodge said they are not getting left behind in the evolution of the car. According to CNBC, “Dodge will discontinue its gas-powered Challenger and Charger muscle cars at the end of next year, marking the end of an era for the brand as it starts to transition to electric vehicles.”

It’s no secret that the Challenger and the Charger took the market by storm, becoming every car lover’s favorite stunt and muscle car. From being featured music videos, to hit songs, to movies the hellcat and track hawk style vehicle quickly became a heavy favorite.

While this is the end of the gas powered era, having a newer sleeker electric-powered challenger and charger might will not be a bad thing especially for the economy. Dealers will have a new process to selling this vehicle as well. According to a spokesperson close to the Dodge brand, “The new dealer process will see Dodge allocate 2023 Charger and Challenger models to lots all at once, instead of making orders available throughout the year.”

Look out world theres a new challenger and sheriff in town.