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Much of the country has been experiencing a shortage of school bus drivers. Our local communities have been dealing with the same fate. Now, Anne Arundel County is urging parents to register their child’s bus routes ahead of this upcoming school year to help manage the driver shortage.

The district is asking that parents fill out the mandatory bus registration form online. “Just like you register for a program or a class, we are asking them to register for buses,” AACPS spokesman Bob Mosier told channel 11. “It is important. It’s going to help us with transportation efficiency. We have been trying to make our transportation system more efficient, so this will do that. We may have a bus this year that might have 20 students on it. So, we can combine that with another route that might be underserved.”

It may seem like big ask for the parents of the 60,000+ kids in the district. However, given all that we have faced in the last few years, more is required everywhere. The information to register children is being sent out to parents who already live in a designated school bus zone. “Messages are only being sent to the primary contact on a student’s account,” writes the district’s website. “Families who have not yet completed registration for their student should click on the link at the very bottom of the message and fill this form out as soon as possible, regardless of whether their student needs transportation or not. Families were sent a separate form for each child. Forms are student-specific and cannot be forwarded to others.”

They continue, “students whose families do not complete registration forms will not be eligible to ride a school bus for the entire 2022-23 school year even if they reside in the transportation zone.”

If you have already received the encrypted link from AACPS, don’t forget that it will expire after 10 days. The district is available to answer your questions at Parents who have not received anything are also urged to contact them.