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Source: Peter Dazeley / Getty

If you were to log onto any job posting website, you would see a BUNCH of job hirings. Butnin Baltimore, according to Indeed, the city has a HUGE problem on its hand. The report that Indeed has released, it shows that Baltimore’s job growth is has declined since the pandemic started. While Towson and Columbia have seen growth, Baltimore’s growth rate has declined by 1.7%.

Anirban Basu from the consulting firm, Sage Policy Group, said that it shocking that Baltimore is having a hard time rebounding to pre-pandemic because the city is fairly well-educated/well-off, compared to other cities.

“So if you’re a business person, what do you care about? Well, believe it or not, number one is the safety of your employees. And Baltimore city still has significant public safety issues,” he said.

With the safety issues being prevalent, many people are leaving the city. “If you’re a retailer or restaurateur, you want to go where the action is. Or where the action is coming to — and Baltimore city has not been that for a number of years,” said Basu.