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COVID Cannots

Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

It’s one thing to not get the vaccine at all. However, it’s a completely different thing to show up to the vaccination site with a fake arm attached to you attempting to avoid being vaccinated. A unnamed man in his 50’s entered a clinic in Italy, with a silicon arm attached to himself attempting to get the shot. However, when the nurse went to administer the shot to his him she noticed a light skin color difference compared to his other arm. She stated, “it was rubbery and cold” to the authorities after she reported the attempt to scheme the health officials. The nurse thought she made a mistake when attempting to proceed with administering the shot to the man.

Once reported to the authorities, the man was arrested. Get this, once he was processed it was later found out that he was a healthcare worker that was suspended from his job because he didn’t get the vaccine. It is mandatory for all healthcare workers to be vaccinated in the country.

Bottom line don’t try to fake the system especially if you’re apart of it.