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Tim Megginson (Jus Tim) is an Actor, Stand-Up Comedian, Host, Radio Personality, Video Editor, Writer and Producer. His various talents and range have gave him the ability to reach multiple audiences through a wide array of entertainment avenues. His most recent appearances were in local web series and movies like “Black Therapy”, “Baltiwood” and “No Bully Zone” (which all can be found on youtube). He has also made appearances in some of your favorite TV shows like TVOne’s “For My Man” and ID Channels, “Dead of Night”. He is also the VP of an entertainment company “Team No Chill (TNC) LLC”. He and his partner Antonio Mosby plan to take the entertainment industry to new heights, offering a long list of curated events and new ideas in 2021. Tim’s heart’s desire is to rebuild Baltimore into the new “Black Hollywood”; a place where creatives from all over can display the art of storytelling through the arts.

Jus Tim

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Raven Paris: How long have you been into the arts?

Jus Tim: I’ve been into the arts probably since high school when I had my first play. I had my drama instructor, Ms. Orange. She was the one that got me started. The play was called, “Comedy of Eras”. Ms. Orange said that my interpretation of the character was so unlike anybody else’s. She was inspired and told me, this is what you need to do. Ms. Orange took me under her wing and I’ve been doing it ever since. 

Raven Paris: Who has inspired you as an artist?

Jus Tim: My inspiration is Dave Chappelle. That dude is a genius to me. I’ve been watching him since way back when he was doing his stand up comedy special, was in “How High” up until what he’s become now. His ability to walk those lines of, uh, don’t go there and go there *laughs* his ability to do that without getting hit or getting touched, I think is remarkable. I think he is probably the best to do it. There’s other great comics, but he’s my boy.

Raven Paris: How does comedy fulfill you? 

Jus Tim: I love making people laugh. Like, that’s just my thing. I like good energy and positive vibes. I like inspiring people. I want to do good by everybody and I want everybody to be good; I want to see us all winning. I also think that laughter is medicine. So like, if you going through hard times, laughter helps you out. If you’re going through good times, laughter makes the times even better. I mean, nothing is more powerful than laughter in my opinion. I feel like laughter equals love. 

Raven Paris: When it comes to comedy what are some of those boundaries you shouldn’t cross?

Jus Tim: Well one of the big ones you already know is like the L.G.B.Q.R.S.T.U.V *laughs*  like, you can’t play no games with them, they’ll be on your a**, like immediately. It’s like a radio. Right. You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s a fine line between “that’s funny” and “watch it, b*tch” *laughs* You know what I mean? But Dave Chapelle do it so well, I haven’t seen nobody do it that well.

Raven Paris: Who would you say makes the art scene in Baltimore?

Jus Tim: There’s so many, Baltimore is like a melting pot with so much talent, man. I got to give a shout out to stiletto, killing the game. Her ability to just work the crowd and make people laugh even when they don’t want to laugh is ridiculous to me. I have to shout out Larry Lancaster, I went to his class back in the day and got my little certificate *laughs* you couldn’t tell me nothing. He is definitely one of the great ones. I can’t forget Kleon Da Comedian, He has always been doing it, always been hustling. He got me my first little skit in his comedy series “Bluffing A** N*ggas”, that was dope. My man’s Tone, that’s my best friend. He’s been doing his “Team No Chill”  for a long time. I’ve only known him maybe two to three years, but how we linked up, was kind of like a Method Man and Redman story but instead of, “You got a roll up?” “Do you got weed?”, ours went more so like, “Do you have a stage?” “Do you have jokes?” and um, we actually did a show. I sold my tickets, he paid me my cut and I was like, okay, that’s how you handle business, you know what I mean? From that moment on, we just built a relationship, and now we rocking together.

Raven Paris: Being an artist can sometimes be discouraging and makes us feel like we aren’t doing enough. How do you get through those moments?

Jus Tim: I’ve actually had multiple moments like that. First of all, we as people tend to isolate ourselves. I’m the type of person who don’t like to put my bed energy on nobody. So if I’m in a bad or a rough spot, I will get in my shell and I get quiet. I kind of stay away because I feel like, it’s wrong to just put your baggage onto other people. The problem with that is, the devil uses those moments of isolation to attack you the most because nobody’s there to help you mentally, get out of your mind. You know what I’m saying? So God tells you, when you are in those moments, to surround yourself around love. You know what I mean? and that’s what I do now. I get around people who are positive, who are moving and still motivated. I also changed my language from “I’m always broke”,  or “I’m always this”, when bad things happen. Now I talk positive towards my situations, even during my bad times. Prime example, somebody just broke into my car and hit it in the front. There is nothing I can do about the situation. I’m driving around in it still, looking crazy as hell on the donut but guess what? I still have a car, you know what I mean? So it’s like, I’m straight. The way my life has been, it’s elevating. I’ve been getting shows. I’m being featured on a show that’s being produced by Disney and Hulu, I have a new job. I’m making the money that I wanted. I even now have stock options, you know what I mean? So just keeping a positive attitude, no matter what is what’s helped me get through those moments. It’s easier said than done, but it’s easy when you’ve got the right people around.

Raven Paris: So true, I love that. I feel like we all go through certain experiences in our lives such as childhood or teen hood, that really shapes us into who we are currently. What was that experience for you?

Jus Tim: One experience I would say, was probably foster care when I was younger. My mom had me at a real young age. She couldn’t take care of us, it was me and my older brother. They wasn’t supposed to separate us but ended up separating us. At first, I bounced around from house to house until I was lucky enough to get adopted. People don’t really know what the system can do to you; and because I was taken out of my biological family environment, family became something different to me. It’s easier for me to make family out of friends because of how I was raised. When I was younger it felt like I was always losing somebody. I lost my foster mother, I lost my aunt and I lost my other mother. So it was like family abandoning lessons that weren’t really lessons but forced me to go into protect mode. I learned to protect myself from everything. Things can happen to you in life that you have control over, but you can’t necessarily choose your family. Once I became older, I realized that you actually can choose your family. I can easily let people in and out of my life without the strain. I always say that love is release and fear is constraint. When you love somebody or you love something, you should want it to flourish in another element; however, it wants to do it right? When you’re fearful of losing it, you will hold it tight and what ends up happening is, you kill your blessing or kill whatever it is that you love. So letting people flow in and out as they like to, while loving on the people that love me, and leaving people behind who really don’t bank on me is a lesson I’ve learned that has shaped how I look at life now. 

Raven Paris: That was really good. So let us know what you have coming up?

Jus Tim: Man, I have everything coming up. So actually on July the third, I have an event coming up,called, “Take’em to Cherch”. Me and my man Tone, we put together a comedy series. This was actually from his brain. The show is like, Living Color but with Pimps. *laughs*. This show is going to be the most hilarious. We’re putting Pimps in everyday day-to-day situations that you haven’t seen them in before. We figured it was time to bring it back for this generation so they can get a little taste of what the Pimping game used to be like, you know what I mean? We’ve included stories about all of the prestigious pimps on how they’ve come to their glory. It’s going to be funny as hell, man. The event is from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. We actually have a comedy show. The food is being catered by Shareef’s and it’s going to be a drink stand. This will be a drive in theater type of feel. It’s only $30 per person or if we have a car with four people in it, it’s $20 a pop. So everybody can get in like that. Click Here to get your ticket/s.

Feel free to dust off your pimp canes, platform shoes and bell bottoms! 70’s pimp/player themed clothing is encouraged but NOT required for entry

The event will include:

• Official Release of “CHERCH” The Series

• Featuring Acts: Timothy Riley, Ozzy, Khairy,  BIG FRED, Antonio Mosby

• Live DJ

• Cash Bar

• Vibes