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Source: Aleksandr Zubkov / Getty

Well, looks like Donnie is in another financial entanglement, but this time with the people that supported him! According to multiple sources, “Former President Donald Trump has been forced to pay back his supporters after they were reportedly duped into making recurring payments for his 2020 campaign.”

The emails had pre-checked boxes and only if you read the fine of the terms and conditions did you know that you agreed to have reoccurring payments to come out of your account monthly. Most recently, Trump’s donors starting checking their accounts and discovered the recurring payments on their bank and credit card statements. Thousands of donors reported the error to their banking institutions.

More than $122 million may have to be payed back to the donors because they thought they were only submitting for a one-time payment.

As we get more information, we will update you here as always. While the people are at it let’s get his taxes repaid too!