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Former Motown artist, now Best-Selling Author, Clarence “KD” McNair is back to ensure us, that GOD still sends “Blessings in Uncertain Times”.

During a worldwide pandemic, unemployment is on the rise, mental health is out-of-control and many are worried about how they will feed their families or keep a roof over their heads. I was listening to a IGLive interview with Cora Jakes and KD McNair and he mentioned, “Sometimes it can be hard to trust Him during tough times, but we must remember we belong to Him. God is ready to turn our darkest days around for good; ready to show up and show out in the midst of tribulations.”.  After hearing him speak that gospel, it was only right for me to hit up him and ask him a few more questions.


Raven Paris: Congratulations on your 3rd book fam!!  How are you feeling right now? Growing up, did you envision this career path for yourself? 

 KD: I feel really at peace with the book. I never envisioned it . Most of my life was devoted to other people. I was the one who friends would call to talk about everyday challenges. I would give them a word or two and they would say man i needed that, you hit it right on the nail  with your insight . 

Raven Paris: Being considered “Baltimores Hero” how did that make you feel? 

 KD: Brandon Scott is a Hero ! i’m just being a servant to the people who need a word. Sometimes a good word could be the difference between life or death, literally. People are really having a challenging time, these days and need all the hope that they can get .

Raven Paris: What have been some blessings that you’ve experienced during these uncertain times?

 KD: I still  have my peace of mind and have all of my basic needs met: food, water, shelter, a car to drive and a place to call home. For so many in this season, just to maintain their everyday needs has been ruff… so in my eyes if you have your basic needs, you’re blessed. We sometimes overlook the small things that are really a big deal. 


Clarence KD McNair

Source: Clarence KD McNair / Clarence KD McNair

Raven Paris: I see that Cora Jakes wrote the foreword for “Blessings in Uncertain Times” How did that collaboration come about?

 KD: My relationship started with the Jakes family in 2007 on youtube. I would watch Cora’s dad sermons almost everyday. During that time, it was medicine for my mind, body, and soul in my darkest days. I did not personally know the Jakes family but it felt like her dad was talking directly to me on them videos . Fast forward, 2020 I prayed and I asked God to send me someone to do the foreword. I started looking for people and I didn’t hear back from anyone. Something had told me to look up TD Jakes kids then I saw Cora pray over her father on youtube. I put it in Gods hand and I reached out to her. At first her team said she was busy then two days later I got a email from Cora Jakes personally and she said the holy spirit told her she gotta be apart of my project, I could not believe it!! the rest was history. 

Raven Paris: Who are your top 5 pastors of all time that can give you a great word to feel inspired by?

 KD: TD Jakes ,Myles Munroe, and Cindy Trimm . I don’t have 5 only 3 

Raven Paris: Out of your 1,000 plus books in your personal collection, what top 5 books would you suggest to read in 2021?

 KD: The bible , “Faithing It” by Cora Jakes Coleman, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”,  “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”, and “Give it one more try”. 

Raven Paris: A lot of people find it hard to connect with something they’ve never seen or heard before.. What helped you develop your relationship with Christ?

 KD:  When i was forced to stop trying to control everything in my life I let go and things started to work out for me. Yes, it was hard however, sometimes in life you have to get out of your own way. Now for the record, things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, they would work out the way that protected me from the many disasters that were ahead that i didn’t see coming years later. I look back and say, thank god things turned out the way they did because it saved me and pushed me into my real passion and purpose. 

Raven Paris: What are 3 tips that you can give to a writer to help them mentally prepare to write a book?


  1. Don’t worry about what people think about your truth, it is what it is.
  2. Try to not look at TV and get off Social Media or limit these distractions; it will work against your organic creativity.
  3. Take a walk, everyday if possible to clear your mind .

Raven Paris: What can we expect next from KD?

 KD: A major book tour once things clear up some .

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Clarence “KD” McNair and his latest book, please follow him  and support his books that can be found on amazon. While you are at it, follow me too! Until next time! BE SAFE AND MASK UP!