Former Motown artist, now Best-Selling Author, Clarence “KD” McNair is back to ensure us, that GOD still sends “Blessings in Uncertain Times”.

A 5-year-old kid was out here saving lives and acknowledging his brilliance.

I can’t believe a man walked into Starbucks and hoped to walk out with cash that wasn’t his, but had a rude awakening. A man walked in on the robbery and made a split second move to disarm the robber, so now the robber wants to sue the hero for stopping him from stealing the […]

Thank goodness for little Allison Anderwald.

  Rapper/reality star Benzino became famous to many Hip-Hop heads in the late 90s/early 2000s when he was heavily affiliated with The Source Magazine and…

Neighbor Chuck Ramsey has become a national hero after he resuced Amanda Berry, who was held captive for almost a decade. However, a police chief claimed that Ramsey was not the real hero but Amanda Berry was. It almost seems cold not to give this man credit for pulling three women out of a horrendous […]

He helped rescue the three young women that were kidnapped and held as prisoners for 10 years.. and now he is an online superstar.   Introducing Charles Ramsey.  He is the neighbor of the man that was arrested for abducting Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight.  The story made national news because the women […]

A huge shoutout to ALL the Moms that work hard everyday to raise their kids! With that being said, I’ve heard a lot of touching stories this Mother’s Day but one amazing story comes out of Minneapolis.  A screaming 10 month old saves her family from a house explosion! If I wouldn’t have woken up […]