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King Midas

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King Midas has been a household name in Baltimore for some years. He has worked with some of the top premier artist thus far such as, Tory LanezJustin BieberMigosThe Chicago Kid, Tyga, Vincent Berry (writer of Beyonce sand castles) and have also worked in Tv Productions such as Empire (seasons 3 – 9) placed 40 compositions, and placed 15 -20 compositions on the show, “Star” (seasons 1-5).


I got word from Baltimore publicist, Rahn Da Don that King Midas is in a form that people need to pay attention to. He continued to mention to me that King Midas has the ability to be one of our generations biggest stars and honestly I couldn’t of agreed more. I’ve known Midas now for well over 6 years and he’s always been a musical genius in my eyes. Rahn told me that Midas has been working on a new project Auto Pilot, so it was only right that I caught up with King Midas to see what he’s been working on through this Pandemic.

Raven Paris: What has been the newest thing you’ve learned about yourself during this pandemic?
King Midas: That I need way less than I think at times! That I enjoy family more than ever thought 
Raven Paris:What has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to overcome during this pandemic?
King Midas: Getting dressed and being professional when it comes to this virtual jive!
Raven Paris: You’re really skilled when it comes to instruments. Which instruments are your favorite to use when it comes to producing and how did you learn how to use them?
King Midas: The keyboard would be my favorite instrument because of the versatility through a simple midi or usb cable! Bass guitar is the funnest because sometimes I still can believe I can play it lol makes me Laff while I’m recording 
Raven Paris:You have a unique style, What are your favorite clothing brands to wear? Any specific stylists you admire? 
King Midas: I really style myself. I see the clothes just like a track I produced, I think I could go viral off an outfit just as well as music too *laughs*  Balenciaga is my favorite at the moment just because of the over sized vibes. I’m on bell bottoms right now tho, so I’m not too big on NAMES it’s more about “rare” for me and vintage being able to tuck my shirt in without subtracting any cool! I’m on the 80s vibes right this second! 
Raven Paris: You’ve worked with many names in the industry.. which artist challenged you the most as an artist? Which artist was the most fun to work with? 
King Midas: Artist that challenged me was Tory Lanez, he real in touch with himself as an artist and he has musical chops so he has musical moods! He will jump In sh*t that you’d swear he wouldn’t! Wale is the most fun to work with because he likes REAL music but it needs to make total sense loop wise and groove wise!
Raven Paris: Ideal King Midas Collab would be with Whom? and Why?
King Midas: Prolly Anderson or H.E.R or Summer
King Midas

Source: King Midas / Raven Paris

Raven Paris: Talk to me about Auto Pilot.. How was the project developed? What can we expect from this project that will be different than the previous ones?
King Midas: Well with ADHP I gave ppl retro but swag sing along stuff. Auto Pilot is sonically up to date as far as even more nursery rhymes and 808s and trap catenses! Expected to attract a more versatile more youthful fan base! Fans will also see that there is no genre that can’t be conquered by “KingMidas”.
2020 has been a tough year for everyone but King Midas is not satisfied, he is even more hungry to show that real music is still needed in this era. You heard it here first, definitely make sure you follow him to catch those new updates and be sure to follow me!

Until next time! Be safe out there, and mask up!!

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