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Let me introduce you to Typhanie & Co, originally born in New Orleans but grew up as a military brat. By Typh moving around so much as a kid she was able to experience a variety of cultures which molded her creative expression. She excelled in visual art; including graphic design, drawing, painting, and fashion. It wasn’t until after receiving her degree from Howard University that Typhanie began creating music. Her style is a combination of punchlines, melodies, story telling and appreciation of the finer things. On December 12th, Typhanie & Co released her 1st debut EP, “Double Tap” I got the opportunity to really tap into this project with her and ask a few questions:

Raven Paris: What does success look like to you?

Typhanie & Co: To me, success is being able to do everything I want to do career wise and leisure wise without much worry about how it will get done. In addition to being a musical artist, I’ve always wanted to spread my ideas in many different lanes of business. So success definitely includes building up my personal brand as an artist so I can catapult to the top in other areas as well. I also want to travel the world & see everything beautiful it has to offer. Only achieving in business and not in pleasure wouldn’t count as real success to me.
Raven Paris: What does being a Howard Alumni mean to you?

Typhanie & Co: Being a Howard alumni is one of my greatest brag worthy titles. I left Howard for one semester and was determined to go back because I knew I wouldn’t be proud to say I graduated from anywhere but the REAL HU.
Raven Paris: How did Howard help you grow as a woman of color?
Typhanie & Co: Howard helped me learn how to be secure with my blackness; I didn’t have to hide it to blend in. It also allowed me to recognize how much diversity there is within the black community itself, which is super important when trying to connect to as many people as possible through your artistry.
Raven Paris: What was that pivotal moment that made you want to begin taking your music career more seriously?
Typhanie & Co: I’ve always loved music and had an ear for what sounded good. Though music started as a hobby, the feedback I got after posting my Go Crazy freestyle to Instagram made me realize I could really go far with the skills I have.
Raven Paris:  Who would your Ideal music collaboration would be with and why?
Typhanie & Co: Working with The Dream would be amazing; his pen game and ear for beats is out of this world. I think he’d really provide just what I need to make a hit record that’s a combination of rap and r&b.

Raven Paris: Which song on your new EP, Double Tap is the most personal to you and why?

Typhanie & Co: Reloaded is the most personal song on Double Tap. I wrote it during a time that I was thinking about giving up on music and was feeling really out of touch with myself. When the words were coming to me it felt like the man upstairs was guiding my pen. It was my first time feeling comfortable with putting a little bit of my vulnerability into a song.

Definitely make sure you follow Typhanie & Co and get more familiar with what she’s putting out. I have a feeling that this is truly only her beginning! Be sure to also follow me too!

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