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Not that I don’t enjoy social media but it does bother me 4 days out of the week. Back before it was “part of the job” it was fun to log in to Twitter or, the early days of Instagram. But as my career has blossomed and the algorithms have set up camp, it has become a tad stressful.

The stress pushed me away but Netflix’s The Circle helps to bring me back.

It’s a 12-episode reality series that follows the journey of a group of social media users who compete for $100,000. They aren’t permitted out of their apartment sets and can only communicate with each other using the in-house social media platform, The Circle. They’re given tasks to help get to know each other and then they are asked to vote others off. It’s dope.

I want to tell you more but it’s one of those shows that is growing. People are starting to find out about it and I don’t want to spoil it for you but let me just say, if you can check it out; go for it.

Connection Is Always Worth It

What I really enjoyed the most about the show is that towards the end of it, I really couldn’t care less who won the money. What I really was falling in love with is the connections that everyone was seeming to build with each other.

It was cool to be reminded that social media can actually bring people together and create a sense of community. Of course there were some “fake” moments throughout the series and much of that ‘fakeness’ got weeded out through voting. However, the overwhelming connection that you feel between the contestants is a vibe that I couldn’t help but bow down to.

Uncovering Social Media’s Beauty

Over the last few years I’ve been sucked into the negativity that social media provides. I’ve dealt with trolls. I’ve dealt with the market of purchasing likes and followers. Hell, I’ve even purchased some on older profiles. I’ve argued with ignorant people and then called my service provider trying to get a refund for wasted data. I’ve been dragged into drama with ex-flingmates and their “boyfriends”(that I knew nothing about). I’ve had my phone blown up by my bosses begging me to “get more active” on the timeline at any cost.

I’ve been married to the game for a while now and after watching The Circle, I think I want to hold off on signing those divorce papers.

Social media’s beauty lies in the ability to connect with other people who, despite their difference, find common ground for the two of you to stand on. Sure, it gives my family and friends a place to keep up with each other, but it’s also the breeding ground for a connection between me and a custom shoe designer in the UK. It’s connected me with some of you who listen to the show every Sunday. It’s connected me with other gamers, car enthusiasts, politicians, writers, and others.

Yes, watch The Circle on Netflix. You’ll thank me later. But, be sure to also watch your circle and protect the connection between you all because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Have you seen The Circle? Hit me on Instagram and let me know what you think. Just shoot over a DM and I’ll respond.