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Drake and ‘Durk teamed up for big record last weekend, dropping ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’. The fan-favorite record was immediately a hit within the social world but a lot of people were wondering why Lil’ Durk’s feature was so short.

Come to find out, COVID-19 was to blame for the abbreviated feature.

“Oh, when I sang on the verse, I left. I thought it was done,” Durk shared in a statement to Complex. “This was around the time the studio was really tripping about COVID. But when I had left the studio, it was supposed to get mixed the next day. So that being a shorter version was on my end.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t necessarily have to move or anything to hear the record. Check it below! Did you want to hear more of Durk on the track? Let me know. Hit me on Instagram .