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It’s standard nowadays to use an online search engine before you do something you’re not sure about. Google is always full with millions of search results.

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Check out some of the most-googled concerns by state, from the serious to funny, according to Asecurelife.

Like, Maryland googled a lot about microwaves.

Arizonans and Minnesotans are curious about whether it’s safe to shower in a thunderstorm. The citizens of North Carolina are wondering whether or not it’s cool to eat snow. The people of Michigan want to know whether it’s safe to date.

Last year’s multi-state E. coli outbreak gave romaine a bad name. So much so that seven states—Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin—are understandably concerned about whether the vegetable is safe to eat again.

Six states want to know whether the juice cleanse is worth it: Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, and North Dakota are all asking if it’s safe to do a liquid diet.

After last year’s major data breach, Alabama, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are taking to Google to find out whether they can trust Facebook.

Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and Louisiana are looking to get into a healthier lifestyle and want to know if the low-carb, high-fat Keto diet is safe.

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