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Chicken parts at a market

Source: Thompson, Katherine / Getty

A chicken recipe is heating up the Internet and increasing appetites for all the wrong reasons.

The Chefclub Network recently shared a cordon bleu (meat wrapped around cheese) recipe on their sites, and the way the chef handles the tender protein will make you feel like you’re peeping a NSFW video.

Check out the clip for yourself below…


Now in these serious American times, surely we all try to reach our highest level of maturity.

But whew…

The way that finger handled that meat….

The Internet was not prepared.

The Facebook video posted on Thursday immediately went viral with over 27 million views and over 90,000 hilarious (and raunchy) comments.

“I bet this pairs well with a tossed salad,” one Faceboook user wrote.

“Did the chicken sign a consent form,” another user commented.

“In answer to the age old question, what came first… I’m going to guess the chicken came first,” said another.

All maturity levels were OBLITERATED.

One person even Christened the chicken “C**chie Cutlets” and another edited the name of a popular porn site onto a screenshot of the meat…


No shame.

According to Yahoo, Chefclub Network is a Paris-based recipe page that often shares foodie videos with its four million followers. Leave it to the French to not know anything about censorship.

It’s not clear whether the site was intentional about their chicken and hand placement, but the porn-like soundtrack in the background doesn’t help the situation.

Some folks, like model and media personality Chrissy Teigen, weren’t too happy with the clip, whether it was intentional or not. “The finger in the slit is so fu**ing vile I don’t care what comes after it,” she tweeted out on Saturday.


Some people weren’t as offended by the finger as they were by the seasoning to the meat.

“Why????? Why spread the chicken like that?? Why no seasoning and you know it exists,” one Twitter user commented.

“How you finger the chicken breast but don’t season it,” said another user.


One person even wrote, “Yup that chicken is deff pregnant now,” to which another user responded, “Sadly, not with flavor.”


Other people weren’t convinced by the chef’s allotted cooking time for the poultry. “That chicken is NOT cooked,” wrote one user. “20 minutes at 340???”


No matter which way you…ahem…”toss it,” the people were definitely caught off guard by the meat demonstration.

One thing is for certain though…

The GIFs are sure to come flooding for 2019 whenever someone’s in need of a sensual analogy.

Hit the next pages for some more hilarious, ridiculous and completely immature Twitter responses to this peculiar demonstration.

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