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Physical health is generally the focus when thinking about health, but mental health is equally important. When you’re consciously taking care of your mental health, life can maybe get a little easier.

Most of the time, therapy may be the first suggestion but that option is not always accessible for various reasons, but here are a few ways you can take control of your mental health.

Get a journal and write out your thoughts.

Sometimes talking out loud to someone may seem uneasy or you may not know how to vocalize the actual problem but journaling can help. Simply writing down your thoughts about how you’re feelings or what you’re grateful for can make you feel relieved. Since this is your personal journal there is no room for judgement or anyone reading your thoughts, so be free and release.  Later on, you can reflect on your thoughts and see how far you’ve grown.

Plan a getaway trip.

A trip can be as small as to the next city over or as extravagant as an international trip, whatever it may be, plan a getaway.  Everyone needs time to get away from stress, work, or family, to just have a good time.  Whether you want to go on a solo trip or a trip with friends, plan to have fun and do all the things you truly love. Go out, explore, and see something new.

Set realistic goals.

Setting goals will keep you on track and also give you something to look forward to. Whether you set small goals that you know you can achieve or goals that may happen further down the line, make a list and aim toward them.

Take care of your health.

The little things can make a difference when making changes to your health. When you do better, you feel better. Think about making some changes to your diet like choosing to cook instead of eating out, adding more fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water.  Of course working out will make your body feel better so either go to the gym or just take a walk around your neighborhood. Also try staying away from drugs and alcohol as they can cloud your judgment on life.

Talk to someone close that you trust.

If you think you may need help or just need someone to talk to, reach out.  People are so consumed in their everyday lives that they may not know that you’re hurting or need help. Find someone that you can vent to and get advice if needed.  Sometimes just talking about your problems and even crying it out can be an instant relief.

Value yourself.

Above all, you have to love and value yourself to make changes.  Remove negativity and surround yourself with good vibes. You know who and what in your life is filled with negativity and needs to be removed so just let it go.  Whatever in life is hindering you from being your best self drop it and get on the right track.  You are the most important person in your life.  The only way life will get better is if you take control and make those changes.

If you would like immediate help, please call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). Through this toll-free phone number, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers a network of crisis centers across the country. These centers staff their lines with people who are trained to listen and offer support to people in emotional crisis. If you are in immediate medical crisis, please call 911.

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