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With over 315 murders in Baltimore for 2017, Governor Hogan isn’t sure of Mayor Pugh’s crime strategy so he will introduce his very own.

On Tuesday, he shared with reporters that he’s just “not sure” of what Pugh’s plan to reduce crime in the city is but he’s confident in the work of our police commissioner, Kevin Davis.

“That’s a real tough question, because I’m not sure what the mayor’s plan is to fight violent crime in Baltimore City. I don’t know that there is a plan,” he said.

Protests Mark First Anniversary Of Freddie Gray's Death

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Via a statement, Mayor Pugh says that her and the Governor have a “great working relationship” and that he has promised funds for laptops and updated police cruisers.

“We are certain that if the governor has additional questions or concerns he will address them directly with Mayor Pugh,” says a statement released by city officials.

What is the governor’s plan to reduce the crime/murder rate in Baltimore? He says next week, he will issue his strategy. But today, for ‘Tell Kels’, we asked “What do listeners think the strategy should be to help reduce crime in Baltimore?” You can see some of the responses from IG below.

“mr.william34 He’s a Business man also republican. It will be Zero tolerance and more jail time will be given out. Can’t be mad tho. City did it to them selves.”

“thefontayneaffect Harford County’s “justice” system was founded in 1774…ain’t that two years before America was formed? They got a private prison and black and white stripes out there. Sounds Mason-Dixon historical. I see private prisons coming to the Baltimore metropolitan area. It’s in the bill somewhere I’m almost sure of it.”

“mrsgause34 Something needs to be done , it’s not easy out here by any means but their are ways people work 2 and 3 jobs instead of robbing and killing , their is no excuse, I just hope the plan works Baltimore has some beautiful communities and some that need plenty of tlc without the people tearing the progress down .”

“shakesgirl Its in the water. Or is it to many women having to many children they can’t take care if properly”

“ginacrash Somebody’s gotta do something! I don’t blame him for stepping in. Action beats meetings!”

“lantanaeasy @urbaninformer Police killing police in Baltimore then covering it up how do you fight crime with such a corrupted police force”

“jonathanrashawn @urbaninformer I think it’s needed . Enough isn’t being done. Love Pugh but I don’t think she has a plan. And if she does why hasn’t she stated to us,the Citizens. We loose lives everyday. it shouldn’t take for a officer to be killed for officials to take action .”

“__b3nj4min__ Somebody gotta do something, how many deaths? 300?? That’s a lot of people….”

“tias_life Come thru Hogan. Pugh isn’t doing anything. Murder rate is passed 315 and we still have a month to go. She is tripping.”

SOURCE: Baltimore Sun