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Six officers charged in Freddie Gray death

Source: Baltimore City Police Department / Handout


Dre’s #BreakfastBite: Five officers involved in the #FreddieGray case face internal discipline with two facing a 5-day suspension without pay and three face termination from the Baltimore Police Department. What are your thoughts? @92qjamsbmore

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 Baltimore City Prosecutor…ARE YOU DUMB?

greeneyed_boo So they are just now getting around to this or did they do something else

mr.combandshears They should have to give up all the back pay they received after being acquitted in the criminal cases.

shanellsweetashoney_1 I believe they all should be terminated especially the arresting officers cause he wasn’t walking when he got in the patty wagon

silent_308 Honestly, Freddie is one person, his situation although tragic, is pale in comparison to the sheer number of black on black murders in bmore. People should stop faking their concerns for “our” safety when their friends, family members, acquaintances are out in those streets murdering each other over drugs manufactured by whites, streets owned by the state government, and jealousy….

sassyma1991 It has taken to LONG. There shouldve been something done a long time ago

mimikellz7 The officers that arrested him initially should be terminated since they received no jail time. Their brutality during the takedown was the REAL cause of his severe injury (broken neck/severed spine), resulting in his death! The others involved should remain suspended without pay!

sleepnut2012 It took to long they should have done something when it first happened

mrssavage_43 Baltimore City Council and former Mayor SRB jumped and already paid them all their back pay, wow

itoldyousoo Not enough. A conviction and jail time would have been justice

harsh410jungle Freddie grey family took that check so m********* need to drop it ….

ev_pettyasstwin They just got a pat on the back their actions should have gotten a serious punishment this just shows me the court system is fucked up because if it was vice versa Freddie gray would’ve been doing life its sad and I’m angry that the system let police officers get a pat on the back for murder

yedon36 That officer that had his knee in his back should be FIRED.

aboutmycheck What more can you want??..I think it’s sad but the family took the money..which basically said..”it’s over”..if the family quite..YOU be quite too💯

rickcole_jr Freddy is dead but no one is held accountable.

toopoised If I drive the getaway car for a nigga robbing a bank, I’m getting at least a year as an accomplice. They contributed to someone’s death. but It’s a start.

myluv_dudie They all need to not have a job because a life was taking on their time…

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