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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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Empire is back to pick up where we left off from the winter hiatus, and we’re all here for the drama (which you know there’s plenty of)!  Tonight’s episode opens with Lucious announcing his new album at a major press even. Cookie isn’t happy about this because Jamal is in rehab and he should be more important than music. However, Lucious is always going to Lucious, so Cookie stooped to his level by brining out his mother and revealing her identity to the press.  Remember, the public still thinks that Lucious’ mother is dead because Lucious concocted that whole story about her committing suicide?


The jig is up now, and this means war. You know Lucious doesn’t care who he’s beefing with. It’s also worth noting that Cookie is still with Angelo, so that’s even more ammo for Lucious’ clap back.


About Jamal in Rehab…he was doing well until the Lyons showed up for his family therapy session. The session doesn’t go over well because Cookie and Lucious do what they do best—start arguing and derailing the conversation.


Lucious’ other major issue is the fact that his half-brother, Tariq the fed, is still gunning for him. Apparently, Tariq has witnesses lined up who can testify against Lucious, but Thirsty is one step ahead, trying to shut that ish down. Hopefully they’ll keep quiet with his very persuasive tactics at play.

In more Lucious Lyon is #PettyForTheWorld News…

Lucious decided to hold a press conference where he not only endorsed Angelo’s competition for mayor, but he also called for info that can get Angelo convicted for that time he crashed a car, drunk, and left the passenger to die. In other words, he pulled a Trump, but I digress.

Cookie can’t win with regard to her Empire business either. She set up a showcase where Nessa and Tiana performed their new song together, but the gag is, Nessa and Tiana have beef. They manage to get through their performance with nothing more than shady glances at each other and light shoulder bumps here and there, but afterward, they exchanged words on stage and all hell broke loose. Not only did Nessa toss Tiana off stage like she was a rag doll, but they also threw hands, and pulled lots of hair.


That’s definitely not good for press.

Speaking of bad business, in the next scene, we find Tariq at work getting word that yet another witness has backed out of testifying against Lucious. It gets worse. His boss tells him he’s off the case and suspended because he failed to inform them that Lucious is his half brother.


Back to company business, Lucious appoints Anika, his “wife,” as the new head of A&R of Empire. Cookie and Becky are pissed. The latter two are irate because both wanted and deserved the title. The bottom line is, Boo Boo Kitty gotta go.

The episode concludes with Cookie showing up to Lucious’s office with a bat. She immediately goes to work, smashing everything in sight and going off on him for his bad (and petty) decision. You know how they do, though, Lucious eggs her on until she finally gets tired of raging, and lets the sadness come through. She tears up, lets the vulnerability show, and accuses Lucious of trying to erase her. And then they start making out. They like this twisted stuff, but there’s actually a twist—they end up not having sex because Cookie shuts it down. In this moment of clarity, Cookie claims that she is done with Lucious for good.


See you next week.


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