Downtown Baltimore

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. You know you’re a Baltimoreans if you say words or phrases like? #Baltimore

whthershey209 Hey yooooooo

jpslater1983 Dummy

whthershey209 Saltpepperketchuphotsauce

blacklivesmatter_scorpion ” Yo u feel me ” 😂

riecyspieces As a kid… somebody got “banked”

vmhthegreat Bang her in the mouth

pebblesthetruth For real doh

mrskristieluv The way you pronounce words like “to and you”

princebabymichael what up tho

alex_745 Yo that logo is hot! Fava and Muva tho!

mrs.mochaknight When you say “Bawdamore” instead of Baltimore!

carolinasweetie0220 Saying dug instead of dog.

naythequeen1 @drejohnson1  “luv u… Hear” Every time I say that to someone not from Baltimore they look confused 😂😂😂😂

thatchickyani That’s a bop yo

thatchickyani Zink not sink

lovinty911 that’s bae

dizzymo_the_dj “dummy” I never understood why people say that.

dizzymo_the_dj  Ex yea yea wassup “dummy” i got @drejohnson1 to follow me back on ig

mrs._7  Saltpeppakechup

snacksthegreatsnacks_infj CHILL DUG

tahscola_muzik Shaggin and Draggin

tpixels Baldimore

leasymlove “Lor” instead of little or lil

sweetbabibee Lor

iam_punky Zink

22_g_allways Dawg

22_g_allways Down the hill

ossobucco75 Doug instead of dog

ossobucco75 It ain’t yoan’s

ossobucco75 Hoppers

ossobucco75 You a whore yo

ossobucco75 YO!!!!

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