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Soulja Boy is already on track to have one of the worst years ever! Soulja Boy couldn’t let the new year ring in without starting some trouble for himself. What stemmed from an internet feud with Chris Brown after he allegedly called the rapper and called him out over liking his ex Karrueche’s thirst trap on Instagram.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-1537-1377621562-19We just gonna gloss over all of that and get to the issue at hand. Soulja Boy while issuing threats to Chris Brown over the internet claimed to be down with Piru Bloods. Some actual Piru Bloods caught wind of the claims and let this interesting (stupid) video go calling out the man who brought us such hits as “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” observe below:

Now you think Soulja Boy would have heeded their warning right? W R O N G! He still took his ass out into the hood and hopped on Instagram Live to show the world he’s still good there. Here is what happened instead:

L O L, now initially from this view it did look like Soulja Boy got jacked for phone but another view showed King Draco putting down his phone to square up. Observe below:

Changes things a bit BUT it’s still funny! Chris Brown immediately responded to the incident and posted this:

Damn we are only THREE DAYS into the new year and we have already been blessed with a classic internet moment.

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You know the slander was going come down on Soulja Boy like the biblical plague.

Even T.I. took time to chime in on the situation L O L.

Now we seriously hope no harm has come to Soulja BUT he’s definitely gonna get those jokes. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious fallout from Soulja’s adventures in the hood:

Hood Pass Revoked: Soulja Boy Gets Checked By Local Gang Members While On Instagram Live  was originally published on stuffflypeoplelike.com

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