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We finally get a glimpse of life in the “Sanctuary” under Negan’s rule and it’s not all peaches and cream. On tonight’s episode we not only get a glimpse of Daryl as he suffers while he is being held prisoner by Negan but we also get Dwight’s back story as well. If you remember we met Sherry and Dwight before when they robbed Daryl of his favorite things (crossbow and bike) . Daryl against his better judgement let them live and it looks like it came back to bite him in the ass.



We learn that Dwight’s disfigurement is due to him returning back to the sanctuary with his “super hot wife Sherry”. Negan was compelled to kill Dwight for running away but thanks to his wife Sherry, Negan had a change of heart. In order to save her then husband Dwight, Sherry agrees to marry Negan. We know Negan doesn’t just let things slide completely and he has to take some sort of flesh. So instead of death, Dwight “got the iron” which explains his melted face.


It would seem the Dwight isn’t really feeling being in the Sanctuary anymore and being ruled by Negan. We understand too, why would you want to be around the man who married your wife and is having unprotected sex with her?


Well in need in some of alone time, Dwight takes a break from breaking down Daryl’s will and goes on a mission to go after his buddy who ran away. We know Dwight to be a bit of kleptomaniac, and he doesn’t let us forget that by wearing all of Daryl’s clothes and using his motorcycle.


It proves to be no easy task though as Dwight is nearly killed by a walker taking a leap of faith off of an overpass. Dwight ever so vigilant eventually catches up with the runaway. Dwight tries to convince the runaway to come back to the sanctuary but the runaway was like?


He’d rather die than give himself back to Negan and we completely understand. So he about faces and keeps on walking. Dwight then decides to put a bullet in his friends back and kills him and brings him back to the sanctuary and lets him turn into a walker.


What about poor Daryl?


We learn that Daryl isn’t really just an”insurance policy” but he’s also high on Negan’s list for recruitment.



Poor Daryl is being tortured being fed Alpo sandwiches and the sounds of upbeat pop music a thankfully unreleased track called “Easy Street” by  Petra Haden’s Collapsable Hearts Club. We can’t stand the song by the way and we understand why they used it as a form of torture. Daryl as we have come to learn is a strong guy and he can take it as well as dish it out. Even with Sherry who seems to be feeling some remorse tells Daryl to just give in and don’t make it any harder on himself it still doesn’t work though.


Sherry and Daryl

Daryl tries to escape after finding his door conveniently unlocked. We already knew something was just not right with this whole scenario.

Image (4) tumblr_mme7dyWTv41qzjr2jo3_250.gif for post 112054Daryl spots some motorcycles outside and decides to make a break for it but out of nowhere he is surrounded by a bunch of saviors and Negan.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On InstagramIt’s here we learn how Negan instills his form of control and how the sanctuary works. Negan rules with an iron fist or in his case an iron bat. Everyone of the community’s inhabitants are all property of Negan and to prove that when Negan ask them who are they? They answer Negan.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Daryl is blessed with a beat down  for trying to escape and thrown back in his cell. We eventually see Daryl breakdown a bit after Dwight gifts him a picture of the aftermath of Lucille meeting Glenn’s skull. But was it enough to make Daryl succumb?


Negan ask Daryl the million dollar question who is he? Daryl’s reply of course was himself!


Not easily broken at all, we can’t wait to see what’s going on with our favorite group of survivors next episode.

Until then continue onto the next page for hilarious memes generated from tonight’s episode.

PHOTO: Gene Page/The Walking Dead

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