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What are your thoughts on the 2nd Presidential Debate #Clinton -vs- Trump?

Charles Smith He talked too much about nothing. At times it seemed as if he was going somewhere and then he takes u somewhere else. He’s like a spoiled child. He also needs a new cocaine dealer….something a lil less harsh on the nostrils. He’d be great on Dancing with the Stars

Mekea Shanea Does anyone know how the schools in Canada are? #TrumpEffect #Migration #HeIsMentallyInStable #CocaineEffectsOnTheBrain

Shebretta Sheridan #hesaclown the real kind😜😳😏😜

sooul_unlocked It’s actually really sad

imperfectlyphoenix🤔I’m terrified at the thought that either one of these clowns will be running our country. I’ll vote for the liar before I vote for the home-grown racist/terrorist/ignoramus. So blah I had to turn it, trump is acting like a two-year old.

gemini_nailtech I know my stance hasn’t changed…and Trump isn’t educated enough on issues to change my mind… And every time he said African-American people he would say “inner city” we live in the suburbs downtown uptown etc…he is not educated enough…

abdullahmalik_21217 He had no answers for the questions everything he said was about Hillary…he a clown

mikasmurfbaby Dumb dumb they like dumb dumb

geezroj219 It was all over the place! It got boring after a while!

eldridgemartin50 Donald Trump such a dork

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